Thursday, September 10, 2009


Over the years, I've reduced the amount of gear I bring to weddings to shoot with. Now, I only shoot with one body and two lenses. In my bag though, I'll have an extra body just in case with another lens attached. There's also one flash unit in there, but it's rarely (if ever) used.

I'm such a miminalist that the only equipment on me is an extra memory card. I'm probably the only photographer I know of that doesn't even shoot with camera straps!

Because of the way I shoot, I find that the "best" shots are when I blend-in with all the guests. That's how I capture "these" genuine moments. Unfortunately, I wasn't close enough to hear the joke, but it seems pretty funny!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful shot! The venue looks stunning too.

JK said...

Thanks anonymous! It's at the Rosewater Room.