Wednesday, November 19, 2008


There are a few reasons why I started this blog.  Partly to showcase my other work, share a few thoughts, and keep clients up to date...
From the moment I started though, I made a conscious decision not to divulge much, if any, personal information.  Not only because blogs like mine are an "open" public forum, (though 90% still prefer to comment via email and not directly on this blog) but simply put - it's just not my style or nature. 

That's why all I can say is that I'll finally be starting a very personal photo project I've been planning for a while.  

I will share some info though - my new website (and blog) URL will be posted pretty soon!!!


Massimo Volpe said...

This is the beginning of something huge - I sense. I cannot wait to see the world, in all its mystery, through your lens. This shot of Amedeo is one for the books; I only hope that his life will live up to the portrait. Oh the pressure!

I can just see it now: 30 years from now, Amedeo will be photographed for Time Magazine's Man of the Year - but insisting that JK be his photographer!

Voula M said...

OMG. he's gorgeous. massimo you and macca did good, real good!
and jk - wow. you've captured so much from something so little!