Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Unguarded Moments

While I was editing some images this evening, I came across two shots that "brought me back" and made me relive the moments when I captured them. Call it what you want: Documentary, Photojournalism, Candid... however "these" types of photographs have this powerful ability in depicting genuine and unguarded moments that can "truly" tell a story.

I've heard that documentary photography, "isn't that hard." I'm not going to discuss this - my answer is pretty obvious. The challenge though, is to take pictures of sensitive, loving, fun, exciting, and emotional scenes and moments without altering them in any way by the presence of yourself or a camera. Now that, is a bit harder than it sounds!


MarioZ said...

Alright, this is one of my favourites, but there was so many good pics from that night, great job Jim. Now your website looks prettier with me on it.

Mario Z.

Massimo Volpe said...

Jim - provocative title. Great shots. Your like that guy from the Annie Lenox video. You know who I'm talking about.